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business strategy and the IS strategy be planned together

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Quite often the business strategy can be affected or improved by the IS
strategy. Take a simple example, what is Amazon without an IS strategy,
what drives the sales there, is it order taking which can be done with
minimal regard for technology innovation or was it the innovation of
recommendations and the community (IS) that drove sales.

This is a huge topic, but there are lots of really good examples on the
web of where a business is radically different because they designed
the technology and the business model together.

At an internal level within a business technology can drive new and
unexpected innovations - PDA's - without them sales people had to print
stuff, have a call list etc. now a PDA with all the sales details, GPS
directions and a way of immediately storing orders means a business can
rapidly receive and react to new information - that changes not only
the business performance, but also the way of doing business

Check out the Microsoft website - not all the case studies are good but
they will give you some examples of how a business can benefit from
changign with IS, rather than settign a strategy and then designing the IS

If you set a strategy and then design the technology, the best you get
is your strategy delivered, if on the other hand you look at new
innovations and means of using IS as you design the strategy you can
potentially have a whole new way of working


Thanks for sharing! That is the purpose of the forum.
I am not quite understand your post. What is "IS"? I guess you meant the community help make Amazon grow fast.
Please give us more information on this.


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