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Trading Notes

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1/ Equity is the value of the account, not Balance. --> Done

2/ Exposure is the key, not the individual trades. --> still having issue with this. The current approach is to almost always close a trade with a gain (balance gain).

3/ One bar of 1M or 5M doesn't change direction of the move (trend). Better to look at the 5M chart before enter.

4/ When "near the MC" or "running out of margin", the "add more" is not a good strategy. Need to trade the opposite, that leads to reducing the exposure that actually is in the losing side.

5/ News that need not miss:
EIA Crude Oil Stocks Change (75 pip move for oil: 60.41 move up to 61.16 on Dec 18,2019 at 10:00AM Dallas time). Happen weekly.

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