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Chart parameters

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Hi All,
This is a new project. I am trying to find as many parameters as possible that bar charts can have. I believe FX price charts are very complicated so it is very difficult to predict the price action by purely look at it. We need to measure it in many different ways and compare them with the price itself to see the relationship that in turn will help us to predict the price action.
One example is Deviation, Dev in short, I notice that after it is very small for a while if it start becoming bigger that is a good signal to tell us that price is going to move big.
We have to measure each parameter for each time frame and session (for small time frame) in order to know it's range and then to generate signal when the parameter is at certain level.

ATM things that come up to my mind to be measured are :

1. Average Bar Height (ABH)
2. Average Deviation
3. Average Bar Overlaping
4. Speed of Moving Average Line

Each of the above will need to be measured for each time frame and for different periods. For example ABH for dailly chart of the last 26 days --> ABH(1d,26d); ABH for hourly chart for the last 8hours --> ABH(1h,8h)...

I will now use MT4 to create custom indicators to get that information....
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